Mission Statement

What is our mission at Stickboy Coffee? 

Roast fresh and flavorful coffee while protecting Mother Nature and changing the world! 

With our employees, our coffee and our customers at our core, we believe in:

Delivering our very best in all that we do, holding ourselves accountable for the results.

Creating a culture of warmth and belonging.

Being present and treating others with dignity and respect.

Challenging the status quo to find new ways to grow our company with each other.


Our Coffee: Coffee is our craft and we take great pride in freshly roasted coffee. If we want our customers to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee than we know it has to start with the perfect bean. We only roast with high-quality Arabica beans.

Our Customers: Quality customer service is priority number one. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable team ready to assist with any questions regarding our products or service. We will never outsource our customer service.

Our Employees: Our work goes beyond coffee. We believe we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves and inspire positive change in the world!

The Environment: Protect Mother Nature for future generations to enjoy.

Principles are as followed:

Apply the highest standards of excellence in roasting fresh coffee

Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time

Make a positive impact within our communities

Provide a healthy work/life balance

Treat each other with respect and dignity

Embrace diversity

Recognize that profitability is essential to our success