Cabana Blend

  • $14
  • Retail price $22.72

Our Story: The Cabana Blend is packed with tropical fruit flavor, bright aromas, and layers of flavor. Inhale deeply and enjoy a tropical vacation in a mug. So sit back and enjoy life and our coffee! Enjoy hot! Enjoy cold! Enjoy fresh! 

Enjoy in the morning with family and please don't forget to try it iced! 

Flavoring: All-natural and made in the USA 

Roast Level: Light 

If you are purchasing coffee from the grocery store, there’s a good chance that coffee is up to three years old.

After the roast is complete, we package your coffee and ships your fresh Stickboy Coffee directly to you! Our bags are heat sealed with one-way valve bags keeping Stickboy Coffee fresher, longer.

Notes: 100% Arabica beans. We LOVE Mother Nature and we want to help preserve her for future generations to enjoy! Committed to ethical sourcing!