About Us

Stickboy Coffee is a proud provider of fresh gourmet coffee to individuals and businesses all across the country. Our website is equipped to ship to anywhere in the United States. 

Stickboy Coffee is FRESH
Our goal is to provide handcrafted and freshly roasted Stickboy Coffee so our Stickboy Coffee customers can share their excitement and experiences with others. Founded in 2012, Stickboy Coffee is a premier roaster, marketer and retailer of gourmet coffee that is online based. Orders can be placed 24/7 via our website from the comfort of your own home. All the information you need is just a click away. Stickboy Coffee is handcrafted and freshly roasted in small batches using only the finest, top grade Arabica beans from around the world to assure optimum peak of flavor when the beans are roasted. Stickboy Coffee offers a wide range of coffee products that include freshly roasted and packaged whole beans and ground coffee. Tom Hall has been so skinny all his life that from a young age he was given the nickname “Stickboy” so it only made sense to name the company Stickboy Coffee!

Stickboy Coffee is for the Environment. Protect and Preserve Mother Nature! 
When looking at the waste generated by Stickboy Coffee – cardboard boxes and packing material – we recycle and reuse everything we can. When you receive your package you may find some recycled packing materials in your package and your cardboard box might be recycled as well. It makes all the difference in the world for Stickboy Coffee to use fewer materials and less energy to generate as little waste as possible so that we can start to restore the planet's natural resources.

In the nine years that Stickboy Coffee has been in business, we have saved 342 trees from being cut down, saving unnecessary use of 135,000 gallons of water that would be needed to produce the paper and we have kept 18 pounds of pollutants out of the air that we breathe by using only recycled paper. 

Great Customer Service with Stickboy Coffee
Stickboy Coffee is committed to providing you with great customer service in a professional manner! Stickboy Coffee offers one-on-one personal customer service to help out with any question you may have. We strive to establish and maintain a personal customer relationship with everyone that will enhance their coffee buying experience. At Stickboy Coffee, we are a proven set of professionals who care about your coffee needs. Stickboy Coffee is proud of the customer testimonials that we receive. To review our customer testimonials, please click here. Stickboy Coffee will NEVER sell or trade your name. PERIOD!

Shop Small with Stickboy Coffee
It’s a magical time to shop small business! Small businesses drive economic growth and create the majority of new jobs in our country. Not only do small businesses drive economic growth, but they help make the world a better place and they show all of us what’s possible when we dream big. One of the biggest advantages that Stickboy Coffee has over large retailers is our ability to provide more personable and memorable customer service.

Enjoy Fresh Stickboy Coffee! Love Stickboy Coffee Today!

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